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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

End of an Era --

I'll admit it: it was tough updating this sucker without, you know, talking about the pink elephant.

No, I'm not bike racing in 2008.

Realstically, I could've gotten myself to a handful of races, but bike racing doesn't lend itself to a very balanced lifestyle, and I'm not a terribly well-balanced person. A Pacific Raceways or Seward Park duel here and there doesn't get my blood pumping. What does, like I've always said, is the "epic-ness" of things, the Big Deals, riding over hundreds of miles, through the mountains and into the sun. When my race team plans didn't pan out, I considered the possibility of getting a single rider to all of the events I wanted to go to. It didn't end up being very realistic.

So, I find myself asking funny questions like "just what IS this whole domestic bike racing scene?" There's a funny gap between the average road cyclist, who's demographically pretty similar to the average golfer, and the average US domestic professional bike racer, who looks something like myself. I had funny thoughts at one point of deleting "something like" from the sentence, of actually living that lifestyle. If I think of the past, in a hypothetical world, if I were just perhaps three or four years younger -- nineteen instead of twenty-three -- when I discovered cycling, I may have actually done it.


Realistically, of course, I wouldn't have had anything near the patience and dedication bike racing demands at nineteen. Not by a long shot. But that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm about it all.

So, where now? I've become more of a "lifestyle" cyclist than I ever was, before. I've got a lot more flexibility than I did as a pure bike racer, that's for sure. Sure, it's not as fast rolling along Marine View Drive with panniers, but when I get to Pike Place market, I can lock up, hang out and drink coffee, buy some produce, and sit on the grass for a while before I roll the thirty-odd miles back to Tacoma. And, yeah, I still smile a bit at being able to say that's where I'm riding back to. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

So, I'll show you all about the kind of life you can lead without getting a car in the way; the little things that make my day that much better, the reason I feel ten years younger at twenty-six than I did at nineteen, if that makes any sense.

If it doesn't yet, I'll show you, in the days and weeks to come.

Now that THAT dam has been breached, expect updates every other day, or so. I've got a lot to say.

(The aging Morgan Murray Bridge in Tacoma is closed to vehicular traffic. Too long and leading to nowhere a pedestrian would want to go, cyclists and photographers are its only traffic. It's cool, but at times a little eerie, in an I Am Legend sort of way.)


  • At 6:05 AM , Blogger BAS said...

    I was wondering where you been on RBR this year :(

    It was fun to read about your progress and mixing it in with the upper divisions.

    Well, maybe you'll get back into next year?..

  • At 8:12 PM , Blogger Miriam. said...

    You are not old. Geesh. And its not like you cant strive to be the best you can be w/o being a pro. Crap, I'd love to be a pro mtn biker, but frankly I think you, me, and anybody else who's ever seen me ride my bike knows that it wont happen. But thats ok, I can still have goals and enjoy my cycling career even if I pay to play and not the other way around.

  • At 8:17 PM , Blogger physasst said...

    DOOOODEE. Are you coming back to race in 09??


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