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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fractional Accounting:

I used a coupon today, and it had the usual fine print: "Void where prohibited." (well, duh.) "Not valid in combination with any other discount or offer. One coupon per customer." (yeah, standard fare.) Then, of course, is this one: "Cash value 1 / 20th of 1 cent."

Does anyone know why most coupons are "worth" either $.0005 or $.001? I'm sure it's in response to some kind of legislation, but, I have no idea what that is. Also, has anyone ever tried to collect two thousand coupons and trade them in for a dollar? Does it work? To whom would you remit this stack?

Also, you know the world is getting "smaller" when currencies are designed so that they can seamlessly integrate with one another. The Euro, of course, does this intentionally, and everyone sees Canadian coins, especially pennies, in American change jars daily. I used to reject the things, but now that they're worth the same as their domestic counterparts, it's not really worth bothering.

But this week I got, in a roll of "quarters" from the bank, one Phillipine Piso. And, in the dimes cup of my cash drawer at work, I found this:

I think I'm more amazed by this than some of the people to whom I showed it, who thought it was simply novel. Sure, it is nifty, too, but one of the reasons I think it's impressive is the level of globalization it demonstrates. I mean, that says "zhongghuo renmin yinhang:" this is PRC currency. Up until, say, ten years ago, that was one of the most isolated counties in the world, and now their currency can just blend in fairly seamlessly. Of course, it was included as a dime, and at first I though it was one yuan, or about ten to fifteen cents, which woulda been cooler still, but it's actually one jiao, which is worth one tenth of one yuan.

Still, that's definitely saying something.

Don't you think?


  • At 11:14 PM , Blogger James Pradun said...

    Where the hell are you dude? You disappeared from RBR...

  • At 9:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Argent, JP from roadbikereview here. You should check out the Seattle International Randonneurs. If it's true that you like epic, but are not into the racing thing, have I got a club for you. Epic. These guys will show you epic, and they will say something like, "yeah, that was a nice ride."

    Catch you later.


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