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Monday, September 01, 2008

Coming Soon:

More updates, and, more reviews!

Officially, I've got a Raleigh Sojourn headed my way this week. This is the bike that will serve me the way that most people's cars work for them. It'll be nice to commute on a bike that, among other things, actually fits me. Also, I've never ridden disc brakes before, but I suspect I'll fear death a little less coming down Peasley Canyon Way in the wet mornings. Regular caliper rim brakes just don't cut it.

Expect reviews of both the Sojourn and the gear that makes it go, including the sneaky little ace that Raleigh throws in with it: a Lezyne Pressure Drive pump. Heard of Lezyne? Honestly, neither had I, until I saw them on all of the new Road Steel bikes. Seriously, these are worth their weight in gold.

Also, I've gotten a tentative greenlight from the good folks a Raleigh to do some weblog reviewing of a few of our other models, and first on the list -- or, I suppose, second, after the Sojourn -- is the Detour Deluxe. Somehow this thing is hiding in the "hybrid" section of the website, into which no self-respecting cyclist would even venture, right?

But, look at this thing a little closer. Full fenders? Rack? Dyno hub -- and dyno-powered lights? Disc Brakes?

This is no hybrid, at least, not the low-brow, redheaded stepchild of a "ten-speed" road bike an early mountain bike. It's just a bike. A euro-style citybike, pretty much, although I do have my reservations about the aluminum frame. When I went to Germany last summer, this type of bike was essentially everywhere, but in the US the '80's seemed to pretty well kill off the "bike." Here's hoping it's back.


  • At 12:22 AM , Blogger Eben said...

    Nice one! The Sojourn is going to kick ass for commuting and we'll have to do some touring once I make it back to the NW. I think you're definitely going to love the disc brakes in the wet or when loaded. They also eliminate my #1 cycling pet peeve, that lovely liquid mixture of almuinum and brake pad material that seems to get on everything during and after a wet ride.

    Cant' wait to hear about the Detour Deluxe as well, seems to be a lot of well specd bikes showing up just in time for people to flee their automobiles.

    I have been doing daily rides of between 70 and 120km and the cycling is amazing here. We're about to go on our first mini-tour about 3 days into the Dordogne valley and East. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures when we're done. For now, Holly has posted some shots of our Hokkaido trip on her facebook page. Later!


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