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Monday, October 06, 2008

Pas du Dopage!

Sure, I questioned Ricco and Piepoli's performances in this year's Tour de France. They were, perhaps, Extraterrestrial, Mister Simoni?

Apart from that, though, how about Stephen Schumacher? I mean, sure they guy has had some impressive one-day performances in the past, but he's never one a major time trial in his life, and he just CRUSHED Cancellara and the world.

In what seems like such a familiar refrain these days: not so fast.

This also probably means that Cancellara has won another time trial, that Piepoli retires, and that David Millar lost the first TT by fractions of a second.

Deep breath. Try not to say things like "Tour de Farce."

I'm not even sure what else to make of that.


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