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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Day : eBay Collections:

Dear Accounts Receivable Representative,

I was surprised to receive a series of notices that started like this "eBay Collections Notice - Action Required" My seller account was current, so what could this collection notice be about? The email, though, is merely a "payment reminder," mentioning that it was, after all, the 5th, and that my payment was due in just ten short days! Thanks for the heads up, but, I received the invoice, and I know that my payments are due on the 15th.

Furthermore, it's not in good form to be sending around messages from "COLLECTIONS" on accounts that are still current. Everyone else has a department called Accounts Receivable, right? That kind of panic-button tactic is analagous to those magazine subscription sweepstakes that say, "WINNER!" on them, or the car loan advertisments designed to look like checks.

Then, in another week, on the 12th, I got ANOTHER such FRIENDLY REMINDER from eBay Collections.

Wow, what would happen on the 15th? Would I be banned forever? Would my computer be fried from afar by an electromagnetic pulse?

Seriously, guys. Relax. You'll get paid.

Anyone know anyone else that fear-factors for their money like that?


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