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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been working a handful of shifts back at Starbucks on the weekends since October -- just like 1 day a week. This is pretty cool. Basically I get to go play around with lattes for a few hours, move really really fast, and go home. For this, I get lots of free coffee, a 30% discount at SBUX, some slightly canned socialization that I wouldn't get in a cubicle, and a "paycheck" -- erm, that is, extra beer money.

There's male barista, let's call him Juan, there who thinks he's gods' gift to women, and goes overboard in hitting on essentially anyone with two X chromosomes that walks in teh cafe. He's pretty good about talking about how awesome he is: he grew up speaking 3 languages, he's studying 2 more (though practically this means he can order a beer in Italian), he is a judo master, he used to drive a super hot car (but crashed it,), he is joining the Marines (but only if they will cave in to his very reasonable signing bonus demands), that kind of thing.

Last Saturday, Juan was working beside me on the espresso bar (and dragging azz, too), and one of the female Baristas, N, heads home for the day. As she's waiting for a drink, she stops to mock me with her brand new Economist mag. We both subscribe, but hers gets there a day earlier than mine, from some quirk of the post. "Here, you can look at the cover!" she teases.

"What's that? The ... economist?" Juan declares. "Why don't you take your pretentious magazine and go home?"

"Hey Juan," I reply, have you got a pot?

He looks beside him, confused. There's no espresso bar implement called a pot, but maybe I mean something else. "Um, what?"

N, of course, is right on it. "Perhaps a kettle?" she asks, excessively, sarcastic-sweetly.

He still doesn't get it,and I tell N, "it has to be a black one, though."

Juan, of course, senses what's up, and says "All right, I know you guys are making fun of me somehow..."



  • At 8:01 PM , Anonymous Cruzer said...

    I like those tag-team style 'ZINGs'. They're always the best.


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