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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pet Peeve of the Day: Vision Centers

I have vision insurance for the first time since childhood, and called in a card that an optometrist in my network left with HR.

There's a $10 co-pay on exams, no problem, right?

Unless I want contacts.

Then I have to pay an additional fitting fee "starting from"$158. Starting? What the crap?

The last time I did this out of pocket, about three or four years ago, at Costco, the fee was I think $90, total, for the exam.

What gives?

Then, I try to find some information about additional providers, so I sign up for my insuror's website. Now, this is vision only insurance, mind you. They require me to pick a password that's "secure." I tend to use gobbeldygook passwords, like "dnkqqp", which mean absolutely nothing but somehow can stick out in my mind. Sometimes I do throw in a number or two.

These guys made me meet the following password criteria:

* At least 6 characters
* At least three of the following:
* Lowercase Letters
* Capital Letters
* Special Characters
* Numberals

Come on. This is not the NSA. It's vision insurance.

I hate using the shift key in passwords. I can't remember to type a slash or a colon. My bank doesn't even require this level of security.


  • At 7:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Passowrod suggestion: c@nUsEEmen0w?

    How's that? :)

    P.S. How's the new digs? Where did you go?


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