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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Somehow this made it through to our office, but I don't THINK it'll be at a bike store near you.

If you need clarification, this is meant to hang on a bicycle for sale on the floor of what I can only presume will be a multi-sport athletics / outdoor store. There are others that point out the benefits of Hybrids and Cruisers. This one is for full-suspension mountain bikes.

Note the "lightweight, durable construction," and "performance engineered suspension design." This will be funny to you if you think "sport-tuned suspension" is funny in a car.

Too bad we don't have a specific tag for BMX bikes with 24 inch wheels.

Also, I know Starbucks is mixing it up a bit in a desperate attempt to stem the bleeding, and further that my vegetarianism creates a bias, but, wow, is this NOT the most disgusting new food product to hit the market?

Perhaps releasing the marvels of oatmeal on the mocha-chugging masses wasn't as efficient as they hoped.

I thought that this was a joke at first.

I HOPED that this was a joke, at first.

Then again, those disgusting meat on an english-muffin sandwiches behind the thing don't look particularly appetizing either -- I suppose that's why Howard is killing them in a return to the basics of coffee. Wait. Oh, nevermind.


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