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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Note of the day: GET SERIALIZED!

Summer is bike season.

Summer is also get-your-bike-stolen season.

In addition to typical advice, like lock your stuff up and don't let fancy bikes out of sight, I'd like to add this reminder:

Please write the serial number of your bike down! Better still, take two pictures, one of the complete bike, one of the serial, and keep them in your owners' manual along with your receipt.

It takes two minutes, and even the best lock can be defeated by a determined thief -- in a hurry if he's got an angle grinder.

I've taken a lot of stolen-bike calls this week, many hoping that the manufacturer would have a record of their serial number somewhere. We don't, though we do work with the National Bike Registry if you signed up with them. Your shop MAY have written it down; then again, it may not.

The most painful one was a customer whose bike was stolen and recovered by police, but the police will not release it to them, because they do not have any way to prove ownership.

Here's hoping they get it resolved eventually, perhaps after a waiting period. If they'd just written the thing down, it'd all be sorted out.

If you don't know, your serial number will be stamped into one of a few places on your bike. Most probable is the underside the bottom bracket shell, but it's also sometimes on the downtube near the BB, or, in my case, straight across the headtube near the headset.

That's it for now.


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