Tossing and Tortured 'Till Dawn

I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello again, Old Friend: the rain returned for a couple of days to the Sound.

Drinking coffee at night once more, watching the drops scatter across the patio, not wondering from whence the sands of Arrakis had descended upon us, and what have you.

As generic about talking about the weather is, it was nice; especially since it brought about days like today. It will reach the high sixties, with some clouds, and maybe a few sprinkles. This is my absolute favorite type of weather.

Also generic is talking about food, but here is a dinner last night, which was awesome, even if there are some breaks from tradition here. This is pozole verde con mole, in a vegetarian version, arroz rojo, and, so what if the corn bread isn't a tostada? It's pretty good. Of course, it doesn't hold up enough to use it like a spoon, but, I prefer less liquid in the pozole anyway -- as you can see below.

We haven't cooked this as many times as I'm letting on, so I'm stil learning, here. Next time we may make it a couple of days' effort and make the hominy ourselves, "they" say it tastes better that way.

Also, I'm going to reveal my award of the day for a couple of modern technologies that I actually DO like, since yours truly seems to have gotten a needlessly retro-grouchy reputation.

Sure, I hate suburbia and the disposable world and stuff, but sometimes they get it right. I'll have to go and take my own pic, I guess, because Googling "Ziploc Twist Loc," even with all of their whacky copyrighted spelling, doesn't come up with a picture of how cool these little suckers are.

Trust me, they're one of the great inventions of my day. They're little plastic tubs into which you put, um, whatever you want, and close a screw-top lid. It's just like a jar, right, what's the big deal?

Look, my ride to work is two hours long. If I want to carry something here, what do I use? Plastic wrap or a baggie won't do even for fairly solid things, let alone rice, pasta, or anything squishy.

These little containers are a daily lifesaver for me; without them I'd have to resort to empty cottage cheese tubs, and I HATE cottage cheese. No, little bits of pineapple do NOT help.

SECOND, I want to give honorable mention to threaded tops on milk and juice cartons. This single invention lets things stay fresh in the refrigerator nearly twice as long after opening, and means you don't get little dribbles of orange juice all over the place when you're a slob and drink from the carton like I do.

This works even better than the flip-top that is on oh-so-euro quart-sized asceptic boxes.

No, I'm not going to cut it out. No, I don't pound back the cow stuff this way -- the idea of drinking a glass of milk is a pretty revolting concept here. Yes, even with cookies. YES, even if they are chocolate chip. Cold breakfast cereal is about the only place outside of cooking that stuff is good for.


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