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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Test -- On The Go Hazlenut Cappuccino Coffee House Beverage by Kraft Foods.

I couldn't resist this gem.

Could you?

I like coffee. I am going camping next week. A helpful coworker provided me a sample of this fantastic product. What's not to like?

Pour hot water in, and it foams and froths like a latte! Caffeine, plus some lovely artificial hazelnut flavor, and a lotta artificial sweetner.

Really, I think there's got to be something wrong with me that I gave this masochistic creation a try. I gather it's mostly like the diet version of the stuff they serve at the 7-11's "cappuccino machine," with some kind of chemical aeration to boot.

All I know is it tasted like the dried, charred remnants of a Diet Coke can that had been in the sun too long, mixed with baking soda, and poured in hot vinegar.

Oh, but with hazelnut added.

In other news, I just read this article in my local newspaper's online edition, for some reason -- I have to kill time somehow when I'm on hold at work. It's talking about back to school suggestions for youngsters, and it has this to say:

"While a kindergarten child might not know the alphabet, it’s important to foster letter recognition and number sense. When you drive past a store, point to the first letter and say its name out loud..."


Kindergarteners not knowing their ABC's?

Okay, MAYBE everyone can't already read by K-G, but, wow.

In other news, this post is quickly losing steam. I'm going to depart from it and go back to a letter about the sea change that's come to the credit card industry.


  • At 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Haven't tried it, but it looks like a plausible approach to camping espresso.

  • At 2:08 PM , Blogger Eben said...

    Man, one of the things I REALLY miss about Japan is coffee in a can. Surprisingly decent coffee that can be purchased cold or hot from stores and vending machines for about $1. Japan runs on that stuff. BTW, sorry we missed you in Portland, I'm a flake. We have an awesome apartment in Brooklyn and you're welcome anytime, please add us to your list of places to visit!


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