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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My random combing of the internet has found this blog: . I don't know much more about it -- it was a random rant about decaf coffee that lead me here -- but it's really good writing so far.

He is far more eloquent, to say nothing of a lot wordier, than Yours Truly of late. So, while you are reading that, you can look at a few more pictures here:

Check out Sapphire Pond. It kind of reminds me of Little Crater Lake in Oregon: improbable depths in a small space, beautiful clear blue water. The difference, of course, is that while Little Crater is icy cold -- so cold that bacteria canot live -- Sapphire is super blue because it it's some kind of superheated geothermal suchandsuch. It's REALLY hot. I'm talking, 150 degrees.

Here is probably the ubiquitous Yellowstone picture: Bison in the road.

There are lots of Bison at Yellowstone. They are often in the Road.

It's a national park, so hour-long bison jams are are just kind of par for the course.

Here's M checking out the Grand Tetons. They really do look like a postcard.


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