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Thursday, April 22, 2010

So, how is it that ants inevitably find the food that you leave out? How do they get there so fast?

In honor of Earth Day, I sent a bunch of stuff to the landfill today, but the Earth Day fairies must have cried out for mercy.

It’s not my fault, okay? Along with the house I am the proud new owner of, I also inherited the debris of a fair portion of the previous owner’s life. Much of this was garbage, of the large household variety.

There were a couple of MASSIVE old desks, but made of crappy, unusable old particle board, rolls of old carpet and vinyl floor coverings, 6 old and broken brooms, a huge old vacuum cleaner that was made of metal and probably weighed 60 pounds, countless bits of electronic and radio equipment, a broken down lawnmower, a bunch of assorted chemicals for film developing, paint, a broken massive old mirror, what have you.

The kitchen sink is staying, though.

Anyway, I found out, to my relief, that Tacoma Solid Waste has a program called Call to Haul, where you can set up a pickup at your house, and they’ll come collect, within reason, what you leave for them. No additional charge, even, with your typical city utility account! I guess they figure it beats illegal dumping.

Well, last night at about ten thirty, I set out everything for collection, neatly stacked by the curb, amazed myself with how cleaned up the basement looked up, washed up, and went to bed.

This morning, I left for work at half past five, and noticed the pile looked a little different. The Solid Waste guys hadn’t been there yet – they weren’t coming until seven – but the vacuum cleaner and lawnmower were gone, and the boxes were sorted through, with most of the electrical equipment taken.

We’re not talking USEFUL stuff here, this is like, old cabling, random little antennae and connectors, and a couple of little boxes of circuits and doodads that are probably from forty years ago.

But, I guess it all contains metal, and the Clandestine Recycling Team scored a bunch of it.

I still want to know : Where the HECK did they come from? When? They had maybe a six hour window to figure out that I was doing this, and collect the stuff.

Also: The drawers they pulled out to examine the contents were stacked neatly to one side of the desk. The boxes were in different positions, but not overturned. Um, thanks for not making a mess?

(Yes, I recognize that the common factor for the things taken is their metal content. Also, hey, I don’t have any particular problem with this operation, as long as the debris from this stuff isn’t hurled into the woods – if someone can make use of what I couldn’t, by all means! Without a large political rant, I believe in many property rights, but not one’s absolute right to destroy one’s own possessions, for no particular purpose.)


  • At 4:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Some cities will schedule an unlimited trash pickup day, but encourage people to put their trash on the curb a few days prior, knowing that about half of the stuff will disappear before it actually has to get collected.


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