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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life on Discount –

Being of fairly modest means hasn’t stopped Yours Truly from living a satisfying life, but we do try to get the most we can, out of the fewest greenbacks.

The best dollar spent, of course, is the one I didn’t spend at all. While not going to the extent that some freegans do , I realized this weekend that all four items in the breakfast I was eating – coffee, a biscuit, a muffin, and a banana – were all scavenged from four different places at no (cash) charge.

The jam on the biscuit, too, I made from berries I collected, canned in a jar I bought at a yard sale, in a canner from an estate sale. I did buy the sugar and pectin!
But, since I do have to buy groceries sometimes, I do what I can. Usually I’m all about the closeout and overstock shops, but this weekend I headed down to the National Grocery Chain down the block for their grand-re-opening-sale.

My cart started at ninety-two some dollars, so I went to work. Unlike overstock and discount stores, National Grocery Chain makes getting the best deal a little bit complicated. There’s shopping what’s on sale, of course, but National has been doing whacky stacky sales lately.

$10 off your purchase of $50 or more. 10% off all groceries for the next 30 days. Bag credit. Free gifts with purchase – in this case some store-brand juice, cereal, and eggs.

Net total: $39.57 – the little receipt tool even does the savings math for you; it told me the net was 42% of the gross.

And, no, I don’t particularly like manufacturer’s coupons. They’re usually for stuff I don’t want to buy anyway, like national-brand processed foods.


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