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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yours Truly lives in a "diverse" neighborhood that some might say is "rapidly gentrifying." While he and Neighbor One, both recent homeowners, probably represent this phenomenon, Neighbor(s) Two do not.

Neighbors Two are a group of renters that would not fit in at all in Stepford -- at least three adults and what appears to be two generations of children. There's sometimes yelling from their cars to the house, boomic music, what have you.

YT doesn't mind in the least; I'd rather live in a neighborhood with a little "character."

Anyhow, one of Neighbors Two's cars, an 8-year-old Chrysler that is - was - in fairly good shape, was having some fairly simple trouble, and the owner was bent over the hood when I got home, trying to replace a drive belt.

It starts to rain, he gets frustrated but gets it fixed, and goes to test-drive the thing around the block.

When I look out the window again after eating dinner, the Chrysler is back in his (technically my, but with an easement?) parking strip, and it looks like the hood is open again.

No, it's not OPEN. It's folded in half, along with the entire front passenger side of the car. Doesn't look like he popped the radiator, but, if you were paying to get it fixed, that looks like about $5,000 of damage, on a car that's probably worth less than that.



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